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The Venetians from Milan's Market are a classic Italian American treat that will bring delight to all your senses. Three layers of Almond sponge cake are alternated with fresh jam and topped with a final layer of chocolate. All the ingredients are of the highest quality including our own almond paste made from Almonds grown here in the Valley. Enjoy the Venetians from Milan's Market today.


Venetian Cookies, also known as Seven-Layer, Italian Rainbow, and Neapolitans. Also called "tricolore" in most of Italy, were created by Italian immigrants in the United States during the 1900s as a way to show their patriotism. The three colors of these layered cookies - white, red, and green - are meant to resemble the Italian flag.🟩⬜🟥


You get 12 pieces (about 1.5 lbs) of these delicious treats, perfect for a special occasion, give or your own indulgence (we wolnt tell anyone)


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  • 3 layers of Almond sponge cake alternated with fresh jam then a final layer of chocolate. At Milan's Market we make our own almond paste from Almonds grown here in the Valley. 

    These cookies take 2 days to make. Please allow for this when ordering

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