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il lignaggio


Milan's Market started out in our home kitchen focused on Southern Italian cookies. With 5 generations of family recipes from Puliga, Calabria & the island of Sicily I promise your getting authentic Italian.

Back in 1992 when Milan was born, that is her with me & our very first batch of cookie samples.  After spending many years in the hospitality business I could not justify 12 or 13 hour days 6 & 7 days a week away from home.

I decided that first night sitting in the extremely uncomfortable hospital chair as this precious gift slept on my chest I would do whatever I can to spend as much time with her as possible. Milan's Market was officially born in 1993 about 6 months after that night.


I made just a few different Italian cookies using my mother & grandmother's recipes & delivered samples (in person) to coffee shops and Italian Deli's. They were an instant hit & as things started to take off we eventually grew to include a variety of Italian wood-fired breads which we sold at a few Farmers Markets in the San Juaquin Valley.

In addition to the above we now offer a variety of Old World Italian street food that is unlike anything you've had. From authentic wood fired pizza to zeppole come see us and taste our REAL family food.


These are the two actual Manifests for the ships my family traveled on from Italy to Ellis Island. Bari and Noci are the two areas they came from, Naples was the port most in the area sailed from. They left relatives to seek a new better life in America as many immigrants still do today.  Why is this in the about section? Well this is what we are all about Traditional Authentic Italian. From our family to you.

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