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Sfogliatella is a very old traditional Italian pastry made from dozens of layers of delicate, paper thin flaky pastry dough filled with a sweet and creamy ricotta filling. The outer layers of pastry are light and crunchy, while the inner layers are soft and pillowy. Enjoy the unique texture and subtle sweetness of this delicious pastry – perfect for a coffee break or as a special treat.


Although traditionally associated with Naples, it is believed that the original sfogliatella was invented around 1700 on the Italian Amalfi Coast, as a creation of Nuns from the Santa Rosa monastery.

You get 12 fresh baked and filled Sfogliatella, each about the size of the palm of you hand.


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  • INGREDIENTS: Shell- Flour, salt, honey, clarified lard. Filling- Ricotta cheese, sugar, cinimoan, vanilla, egg, semolina, flour.

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