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A Centuries old Italian cookie, Pizzelles are thin, waffle-like cookies that are a beloved Italian holiday tradition. They are the cookie that started Milan's Market.

Light, delicate, and have sightly similar crunch to the fresh made waffle cone you get at an ice cream shop. They have subtle hints of fresh orange and lemon zest and traditionally have a soft anise flavor.

They are wonderful just by themselves or with fresh fruit or a bit of dessert wine for a not too sweet ending to a meal.

With a beautiful pattern they are like snow flakes no two are exactly the same.

These are made just two at a time on the same machine my Mother used all of her life which was designed and manufactured (by an Italian immigrant) just a few miles from where I grew up in Western PA. It became mine as a gift from her when I started Milan's Market.

Flavored with fresh orange zest and Anise seeds the are a simple cookies that is just as good with coffee as it is with your favorite ice cream or gelatto.

The recipe has been in our Family for 5 generations.


The word "pizzelle" comes from the word pizze in Italy, which means round and flat. Elle means small. Altogether, this completely describes a pizzelle: round, flat, and small. They originated in Ortona, in the Abruzzo region of Italy. Families once had pizzelle irons made with family crests, special dates, or other celebratory designs to decorate the cookies with. The crispy cookies quickly became an Italian holiday favorite.


  • Unbleached flour,Sugar,Butter,Vanilla,citrus zest,eggs,Sea salt. MAY CONTAIN: Whole Anise seed, Anise Oil. 

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