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Pesche Dolci (Peach Sweets)

Pesche Dolci are a classic Italian sweet treat that dates back to the 1800's. This delightful treat consists of two rounded cookies sandwiched together with a creamy filling, then dipped in red-tinted liqueur and rolled in sugar. These are another one of those Italian foods that take days to make. Over a 24hr period after asembling and decorating they absorb the filling and the liqueur, and acquire the moist, dense texture of summer-ripe fruit.  The final result is sure to be a delightful treat for any occasion. Enjoy a Authentic taste of Italy with our Pesche Dolci



You get a full dozen of these beauties about the size of a small real peach.


Pesche Dolci (Peach Sweets)

  • These cookies require a 3-4 day notice becasue they need to sit for 24 hours after assembled. There can be NO exception to this wait period sorry.

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