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Cuccidati Siciliani, also spelled as “cucciddati” are typical Italian Fig Cookies from Sicily that are made during Christmas time and big holidays. These are reminiscent of the Fig Newtons of your childhood - but way better! 


In Italy cuccidati are often called buccellati, pronounced as Boo-chell-AHT-tee. This name dates back to Medieval times and comes from the Latin word “buccellatum” which means “bites” and perfectly describes these delicious cookie bites. Some say these cookies might be as old as Roman times.


Coming from the  Island of Sicily, which had a lot of Arab influence in the past, Cuccidati got a touch of oriental flavors and spices like cinnamon. They also remain fresh for a long time.


These delectable cookies feature a mouthwatering filling made up of  local figs, dates, raisins, walnuts and honey surrounded by a buttery cookie. Their outside is like the crust on a (Hostes fruit pie) that makes way for a moist, delicious interior, they are then topped with icing and rainbow nonpareil sprinkles for a sweet finish. 


You get 12 cooikes per order


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